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Great work, keep it up!

Talking Moviezzz

As much as I loved the first video, I think this one may be even funnier.

Great job. Keep up the good work!!


seriously - she's so hot. how much for that box? fo real!



Seriously, quite funny.


That trailer is super funny!

James Craven

That was hilarious! Can't wait to see if Mr. Olbermann gets to play it soon.


Badass. I was going with "beating a dead horse" but then it itself went with "beating a dead horse", and with that and the roaring beaver you've got comedy gold.

If you ever think about starting a label or production company, for the love of all that's good and right I ask that you consider naming it "Roaring Beaver Productions".


Love the new trailer bunny. First time I've checked back in a month, and wow, is your career on a roll.

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