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its about time for the female version! very good rendition. it was almost as funny as d*** in a box

RIchard Crainium

pretty funny rendition of your song.....i hope you get some airtime and i hope you get to meet justin tho i dont know if he will let u see whats in his box......is your box shaved?


Learn to lip sync :)


Check this out!!!



haha i was just going to tell you about z100. congrats. your song is a hit.


You are fantastically gorgeous... How about some more pics - especially in that orange top? And if possible, put on some big hoopy ear-rings. Make Jimbo really happy :)


Jimbo's right. Don't want to puff up your ego, but it must be pretty balanced to make a video like that. Anyway, since Jimbo seems to be next in line after JT, I'll have to resign myself to fauning from afar. Besides the obvious, were there any other sources inspiration, of the kind you can admit to without getting sued?


This video is hilarious! Very well done, too. Have you been on the Bob and Tom radio show?


WHat's next? a calender? How about you and one of your sister doing a lazy sunday skit?

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