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i love her songs


i love u dear.................

Jerry "G"

Was curious... is that you singing on the video?
The reason I ask is I'm a pro composer. Have 6 TV credits and have written over 300 original songs. have my own in home 24 track studio and have worked with some names in the music industry you'd recognize. Living in So. Calif. Of course you're cute & sexy but what interested me most was the fact that you sold the song visually also. That's why I'm asking if you were the singer. I'm a valid producer and can send you my bio & credits if you wish or are interested.
If not, I'd still like to know if that was your voice on the video singing?
Jerry "G"


enjoyed your video online. very funny. keep up the good work.

waesome.com editor

You're officially waesome

waesome.com editor

Oh and don't listen to Leomanjus. You don't want to talk to anyone that has a nick related to man juice.



Dam lol didnt realise this was a profession blogging webpage :P my bad ! thought it was like myspace ect haha

Ah well delete my posts, If this is for professional use then i dont wanna spoil it :)

steve garfield

I am featuring this on Vlog Soup. Stay tuned.



Also for got to mention this contest may be of intrest, im sure you could win it no problem:



awesome...greetz from germany...it´s the greatest thing i´ve ever seen...go ahead...more of this please!
by the way...you´re pretty cute!

germany sends his love for your box!


First, great job with this. I think it's awesome and I have a bunch of friends who agree. It's being passed around my school as we speak. Second, is it you singing? A bunch of us were trying to figure that out. Thirdly, i just want to add, E-A-G-L-E-S...EAGLES!


Beautiful piece of work...all the way around! I can't get enough of your video...it's now the last thing I hear, before I go to sleep! zzzzzzz

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