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Hi Melissa,
Like your song / movie ;)
Was to easy to find your name out :P (little bug)


would you personally deliver your box to someone in the phila area?


Good evening, this is Poncho from the great state of North Carolina. A friend of mine posted this link on a blog, so I came to visit.

While this will sound creepy (Who is this strange man named after garments?), especially since you don't know me at all, I'll go ahead and say it anyway: You are --*phenominally*-- beautiful. Stunning. Knocked me out. Not only that, but I'm in love with this sweet little girl up in NJ, which means my standards are through the roof.

Anyway, I think I've cultivated the disturbed web-junky loner image enough, and I don't want to reach the date-rape restraining-order level, so I'll leave it at that.

Seek Peace, Fly High, Find Love,

Jeremy in Oakland

You are great. With your singing ability, sense of humor and natural good looks you can be as successful as you want to be.

And I hope you do. I'd love to see you on SNL someday.


Rocco, your first comment was a bit wierd, something about you'd rather burn money? It was better it was deleted. Now you're just upset and resort to insults. She's obviously very pretty.


Hey kiddo,

Bet this has been a fun ride so far. If your true intention IS to become a singer, God Bless, but if this is part of the satire, please accept my condolences for all those who take your website SOOO seriously. It is disturbing that they do, really. You are beautiful, though, and your sense of humor is a big reason why. JT wasn't your type anyway. Much success in school and love - Jack


Love the video! I'm telling all my friends about it


your video is awesome and you should go far. My children require that we watch your video over and over and over. The great part is that it is such nice talent to see and hear. It must be fun to be a celebrity at this moment, especially if you are on campus. One word of advice that I read long ago: if given the choice between fame and fortune, take fortune. You rock!, and I'll leave a tip. Rob

André from Montréal Canada

WoW!!! I love your song! You are amazing and beautiful! (sorry if my english is bad i'm a french canadian ;P ) If you do more song I like to hear them!

Future Corporate Whore

Your box marketing prowess is enviable. You kinda remind me of my little sister... *shudder*


I have girl and I want to buy mybox t-shirts and I also want to compare her body with you. What is your body size?


Sena, she's the size that would fit nicely in my arms, standing on a calm beach, at sundown. Hope that helps.

Bunny, just want to commend you for adopting a small tribe, rather than trying to K-Fed a couple kids yourself. Hold that head high, darlin'.


I would break up with my girlfriend and motorboat all day with you. Hot stuff. It's amazing all the attention you are getting

Free Ebook

Your video is great! Way to raise money for charity!


I really enjoyed your video. Talent, looks and a sense of humor, quite remarkable.
I enjoyed the scenes around Philly. I am a graduate of Villanova Law, and a PA certified attorney.
I would like to offer my services, pro bono, if you want to file for a Trademark, address andy Copyright issues, or have any questions about Patenting box-in-a-box gift items.
Also, if anyone tries to slam your box in a box or attacks it orally, we could bring a slander suit.


I like Conrad already. And I come from a whole family of lawyers, so that says something. What he says might be worth thinking about, Bunny.


I'm obvs just totally jelly of her....even thought I'm rich.

Stilleto kisses!

Leo in New Mexico

too funny .. good voice .. you should have auditioned for AI6 with this song! I've posted your vid on myspace for all to check out along with a link to your ebay listing! Good luck!


Who the poop is Melissa? Isn't it lyke, so possibly that lyke, there's identicles? There's lyke jeans and shiz out that that lyke, cross paths or something.


show's over. 14:59.....


Awe, Meliss, why did yah have to reveal yourself? D: Oh btw, why didn't you mention LExi? ;~; I bet she was very dissapointed.


nice job on olberman! as a penn grad you make me proud!


All the bidders on EBAY are talking about your item up for bid. However EBAY has changed the system for bidding ID's. This will stop a lot of bidders to your auction. Sorry, you have a uneek product,but EBAY screwed it up..


Abso luv ur 'Box'. Totally fun, sweet &luv energy. Saw u & Leah on Olbermann tonite (Fri). I hate PayPal (they are soooo corrupt!) so I'll find some other way to fill your tip jar. May all success be yours!
Blessed be


Great Video!
Sorry Philly fans but Eagles lose to Saints tom. by 2 touchdowns
Keep up the good work!

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