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Megan & Kayla

Lawlz. You look oddly familiar.



Glad I could see the unveiling.


Amazing. With all the publicity, I hope you make some awesome deals. To be honest, I feel you're "My Box in a Box" is more popular than the original "My Dick in a Box" version.

Kudos to Leah and Bunny both! You outdid Justin. ha.


Two bunnies for the price of one! :D

Great appearance on
"Countdown" last night~~

Whaddah team! :)

Mike Barber (Arzher Productions)

Wow, a second time?! Congrats on the coverage!


Great Video, I absolutely loved it the first time I watched it and I still watch it.

You should get your sisters together and do "Our boxes in some boxes"

Good luck with everything.


Saw you on Keith last night. That's awesome about the eBay money!


KO is lame. He just wants to be the str8 version of Anderson Cooper.

Not gonna happen love.


Did GE/NBC give you permission to use Saturday Night Live clips in your video?


Well, regardless of whether they did or not, a program on MSNBC, which is part of that company, basically validated the video so I think it would be hard for them to make a case... besides, it's free advertising for them.


The owner of the original work might not have a case anyway if the clip is available for free, especially if the second work is not sold commercially. Good question for an intellectual property attorney. If they chose to pursue it, it might not be the wisest business move at least in the short term.


Congrats on your success!

Some American

It's called fair use + parody. They're parodying a parody. They're using trademarked logos too, but it would be a PR disaster for Taco Bell to sue...


Do you have the song available on MP3? This is funny as heck and I'd love to burn it to CD.


Leah -- you are a wonderful singer! Hope you maybe get a recording contract or something out of this. And I still want a freakin' MP3 of the song!!! (Especially love the line about Bush ruining our country...lol!)


Melissa.....love the video! I think you should do a follow-up called "My rack on a rack", because you have absolutely phenomenal breasts!


The full interview is available on msnbc.com, fyi.


apparently no one reads the archives:

Here's the MP3 of my box in a box http://www.box.net/public/pmsdgd4v7x


Leah, Melissa and to everyone involved in the video.

Congrats! I just now discovered the whole Box in a Box phenom and couldn't be happier that a female version was created.

All the best,
A Philadelphian


Leah, enjoy the hell out of London. I did a study abroad there during my Junior year at Lafayette College. Make sure to visit the oldest pub in England in St. Albans (20 min train north out of Kings Cross).

Melissa, congrats on the publicity and the fame.

To both: I really wish the Eagles could have pulled it out. I'm so bummed today.

what the heck is going on

not wise to erase negative comments. trust me - it will backfire. there's no way all the comments you're getting are positive.


I think the both of you are beautiful and creative. That voice is amazing. I told some ppl at work to check it out and they havent yet. their loss ;) Keep up the great work and make a new one! And remember to keep those boxes clean! rofl


My observation from the interview was that Leah seems angry or agitated by the attention Melissa has received. Leah don't be jelous. You don't come across that well in interviews, and perhaps need to work more on your on-screen personality. Could you be post-partum?


Leah didn't seem jealous at all. she has a lot more personality than most people in the music business. She's about twenty and doesn't have any children. What are you talking about? You sound like a moron.


Actually Susy,

i thought the exact same thing. If you watch her face during it, she does seem agitated about it.

So Paul isnt the only moron out there, betch.

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