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Right now your box is only going for about $10 on ebay. Is there something wrong with your box that you are not telling us? It looks like a great box but I would not want to get in a bidding war only to win and be disappointed. I would not want to be left with a sour taste in my mouth if I won your box over and found it to be defective. Getting screwed on ebay is so easy.


I think it is great that you are getting noticed. Gotta love modern technology - it keeps dreams alive! Your song is absolutely hilarious and you have a great voice too. See you on Letterman...


I thought this was so funny!
You rock bunny! You should be on snl or mad tv! Justin should promote a duet parody on this! :)Rock on with your bad ass box


Awesome video! Beautiful woman with a sense of humor; very hard to find. Where do they all hide out? Evidently...in a box. Good luck and best wishes to ya bunny! call me sometime..


Shouldn't that magazine say "SENDS" and not "SEND"?


I put your box on my blog for you.

Big fan of your vid. Blog is even BETTER. Can't wait for kid sister's debut.


Incredibly creative, hilarious, and intelligent!

This is already huge and things are certainly going to get hairier (in a revolutionairy sense... not stubble wise).

Hang on to your box and enjoy the ride!


PS I wish you the best and look forward to hearing more about your box.


You write~
"Did I fall asleep on the middle of a dance floor last weekend? Yes. Am I an alcoholoc. NO! I was exhausted ya'll! Who hasn't been so tired they fell asleep while dancing in a club!?!"

Hmmm...I *hope* everyone gets your allusion to the box-exposin' Miss Brit. Otherwise your quote might end up at gawker.com! :D

The Kenosha Kid

Your box is viral! That's so awesome!




"the internet...it's kind of a big deal"



hi I saw your video in youtube com, it was good, conratulations :)

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