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your song is realy good!!!
i come from germany.
my name is hanna.
your cover is great!!!
have you got a singel?
bye hanna


Just saw your video on
loved the message and the humor


Hmm yeah.. I hear your song on, people werent quite understanding the song, but it was alright.

P.S. You're gorgeous :)


wow your beautiful, i love that song


I love your song and your breasts too. You are sexy and sweet. Did you really sing this song, because if you did you have a very good voice.


That's the funniest shit I've ever seen cant stop laughing! Well Done!!


Perez Hilton just posted a link to your youtube video!!!

isabelle from france

omg ! you're song is so funny ! justin should be proud of you ! i'm gonna show your song to all my friends in paris ! thanks

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