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Chris Stones

maybe I should buy that.


you have made the front page of www.break.com

funny song


I thought it was great, it is good to have fun music out there. No matter who does it.


Brilliant satire. The song has all the great cheesy female pop singer clichés down to a T.


your on to some thing
grate song how many more songs do you have


I just wanna say that i laughed my ass off to your song. Keep up the good work!
/Stefan from Sweden


Your tittilating decoltage is definately stealing the show. ;)

Randy McKeown

I stumbbled across the song while checking out the excitement at YouTube. I like the song for beat and the voice. The context of the song is a little degrading to women, but I understand you are just trying to have fun. The video was well done and I hope we here more music from you. The internet brings the world all that much closer and that is why here in Ontario Canada we can click on a mouse type a few words and here we are at your site. Wishing much success.


LOVEEEE it! Even more funny than Justin's!

Luke Neal

Wow...thats hilarious...great job

I found this on the front page of perezhilton.com


Found it on Dorks.com Very well done. Funny as can be, and a very nice looking Lady doing the singing, two thumbs up.

Mr. Doseman

Doseland honors both Mellisa & Lea, Dose Bunnies win the Best Barbie In A Box Award, hands down!

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